v3.5 - Threads, File Uploading, Emoji Picker, and more

v3 Jun 23, 2022

We've been hard at work to bring more Discord features to WidgetBot! This new update is huge and contains many features and bug fixes.

Here's a summary of the new features we've added in v3.5!

  • Threads
  • File Uploading
  • Emoji Picker
  • Built-in Slash Commands
  • Image Expanding
  • Pinned Messages
  • Slowmode
  • Role Icons


WidgetBot now supports displaying threads! If a message has a thread, users will be able to see and click it to open the thread in split view (if the embed is wide enough), with a button to expand it to full view.

File Uploading

Emerald tier subscribers can now access file uploading! Users can now click a + button in the chatbox or paste a file to upload it.

Emoji Picker

In addition to sending emojis with the :emoji autocomplete, you can now use our new emoji picker! It shows all emojis grouped by category. We've also added support for custom emojis, refreshed our emoji list so you can send newer emojis, and updated the autocomplete UI.

Built-in Slash Commands

You can now use the Discord built-in slash commands you're familiar with in WidgetBot. (Note that we cannot add support for bot slash commands, due to Discord limitations.)

Image Expanding is back!

You can now click images to expand them, like in Discord.

Pinned Messages

You can click the new pins button or press Ctrl+P to view the channel's pinned messages.


We've added support for Discord's slowmode to help you control the message flow in your channels.

Role Icons

The widget now shows role icons for Boosted servers.


In addition to these chat features, v3.5 contains many more changes, including an update to reply viewing and support for environments with localstorage disabled, such as incognito mode.

Thanks for using WidgetBot, and we hope this update improves your experience! If you have feedback or need help with something, join our Discord server.



Along with Lewis

WidgetBot frontend and bot developer