What's New in WidgetBot v3

Nov 23, 2021

We've been working for over a year to improve WidgetBot for you! Here are the big changes:

Rewritten Backend

WidgetBot's backend was fully rewritten for v3! This should solve the recent server issues caused by the load.

UI Refresh

We've updated our UI for Discord's updates and rebranding!

New Message Types

The embed now properly displays replies and application command messages, in addition to Discovery alert messages for community server mods.

More Embed Updates

  • Added the Verified Bot tag and the System tags
  • Added the Rules Channel icon
  • Optimistic messages: shows message previews while they're sending
  • Widget messages now have a [GUEST] tag in the embed
  • Mentions in messages now display properly in the embed
  • Added support for Discord's new message timestamp formatting
  • Server member counts are now formatted better
  • Fixed parsing of markdown quotes
  • Fixed closing the sidebar at small widths when the background is clicked (thanks vsaio!)

Dynamic Usernames

We've finally rolled out Dynamic Usernames, so you can automatically set the user's name in your site code! Check out the Dynamic Usernames post for more details.

Slash Commands

WidgetBot now has slash commands to help you generate code and manage settings in Discord. We've added a /setup command to guide you through the process of checking your permissions and taking you through all the settings.

Context Menu Items

For easier moderation, if you need to ban someone from sending messages through the widget, you can right-click a message, go to "Apps", and click "Ban" to ban the user without messing with IDs. You can also use "Unban" to unban users, and "User" to see information about a user. Discord currently only supports this on desktop and web; mobile is coming soon. (If you're on mobile, you can use ??ban <msgid>, ??unban <msgid>, and ??user <msgid>.)

Note: WidgetBot must be authorized to add slash commands and context menu items to your server. You should be fine if you added the bot before March 25, 2021, but if the bot is in your server and you don't see its slash command and context menu items, click here to authorize it.


Along with Lewis

WidgetBot frontend and bot developer